Author: Anonymous
Abortion Date: February 2014

I have always been pro life. I found out I was pregnant with my first son at the age of 20. Didn’t think twice, I was having him. Since I knew he was growing inside of me, I was the happiest woman. Fast forward to 3 years later, I was pregnant again. Your dad and I were shocked, we had just started doing better financially, I was working, continuing school. But I knew you it wasn’t the right time. Your dad and I…. did.

As we both entered the clinic, I was “ready” but as I started doing the paperwork, i cried uncontrollably. Your dad was hugging me and telling me its going to be okay.

Finding out you were 6 weeks old, it broke my heart to pieces. I was hoping, for my sake something would happen, maybe a change of mind. As I was getting counseled and asked if this is what i really wanted, I cried even more. But said yes.

Saw the procedure room, laid on the bed, anesthesia ready to go, I exchanged a couple of words with the doctor, I cried even more. I just remember closing my eyes, and waking up dizzy, I saw blood on the sheets, which did it, I laid there crying, thinking, how I could have done this. Maybe it was the right time, but it could of worked, your grandparents would of been disappointed for having a second child so soon but would of been happy. Your brother could of had a sibling to grow up with.

Its too soon, it still hurts. My heart is broken and i feel empty. You will always be my little angel. Am sorry, I hope you and god can forgive me. For this , I don’t think I can ever forgive myself, maybe someday or maybe never.