Lioness of God

Author: Jill
Baby Name: Ariel Jayne Iversen
Birth Date: August 25, 1984
Abortion Date: Jan. 13, 1984

Your Daddy’s Spirit in the Sky, your Mommy’s Memory.

Every day for almost 30 years now, I think of you ahead of me on my journey. We will all catch up to you and be together some day. Ariel. Flying high. Singing. Running.

I thank God for all I have learned because of you. He has given me new life and mercy daily. Healing happens with hard work and even with no effort at all.

You have changed my life for the better.

You know that if I could change one thing in my life it would be to have you here with us. So much sorrow in the past, but today I am joyful and content. I still feel you gone. I think we all do. In Heaven I don’t think you are anything but happy, and that makes me feel relieved. You are in all I do, just like our other kids. Just like our whole family.

We are sorrier than we can ever say. We are different people now. We are unafraid of life and living. We laugh and love and praise God, knowing He is our King.

I love you, out there and in here, everywhere you are.

Love you.