My precious baby

Author: My First Name
Birth Date: March 1994
Abortion Date: June 1993

I should of believed in myself even when others doubted me. I should of never walked into the door. I should of ran out like my instincts told me. But someone was in there pulling me in telling me it was for the best. It wasn’t for the best. Because I have to live without you. You were torn from my womb. I grieve you and I grieve the baby that was taken from the mother sitting next to me. Hearing her sobs. Feeling her pain. We were connected forever that day. Our babies leaving this earth almost simultaneously. Two spirits. I am so sorry I wasn’t brave. I am so sorry I let you down. I know I’m forgiven and that one day I will fall at your feet and be in your presence. You’re wiser than I will ever be. You are apart of me. I carry you in my heart. And one day I will embrace you and kiss you and love you for eternity. I love you my Sunny.