Author: Robin
Abortion Date: 1982

All too soon, you (by my choice) were ushered into eternity. My comfort is in knowing that you are with Jesus, little one. I wish so desperately that abortion wasn’t an accepted way of dealing with an out-of-wedlock pregnancy back in 1982. I wish that I would have loved and cared for myself so much more than to enter into a sexual relationship with someone who really didn’t care for me…back then you couldn’t have told me that, though. I wish that when I went to the abortion clinic someone would have had the guts to be there and to try and stop me. But, all of that is over and you are with Jesus. I am forgiven. But as I am writing this, I realize that I haven’t forgiven the young man who gave me the money for your abortion…guess I’d better deal with that. So, sweet one, I will see you again because I’ve given my life to Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and Savior. I will see you again – that I know. I love you.