I Wish I Could Have Had You in My Life

Author: Anonymous
Abortion Date: 1967

I always wanted an older sister. I longed for one all through my childhood and even today. When my mom told me that she had an abortion before I was born, I felt in my heart that she aborted that older sister that I longed for. I think about you often. I wish I could visit your grave, but I cannot. I hope that I will meet you someday in Heaven and we can be together forever. I really wish my mom had given you for adoption instead. At least I could have tried to find you and reunite with you but there is no hope of that now, not in this life anyway. I really wish you were here. I miss you. I know we would have been so close. I love you sis and I am so sorry that my mom decided to abort you. She regrets it and now stands for life. I am dedicating my life to fight for the unborn so that one day nobody will have to experience the pain of having a lost sibling that you don’t even get to speak about. I wish my mom would name you and put up a grave stone so I could at least visit you. I hope anyone reading this who is thinking about having an abortion to choose life. I cannot bring you back but maybe this memorial will save the lives of others.