I was 17 and afraid of what my dad would do if he knew.

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Sara
Birth Date: July 1982
Abortion Date: Jan 21, 1982

I underwent testing using a radioactive material. The tec asked if there was any chance I could be pregnant. I asked what if there was. He replied I wouldn’t stay that way…I had only been with your dad one time, so I thought no…. I couldn’t be.

Later when I learned I was in fact pregnant, they told me there was little chance the baby would be ok So I decided to spare us both and end it.. I wasn’t in the kind of family that would be kind to a severally handicapped child.

Jan.21, 1982 was your last day on earth. I can’t recall what day I met your dad, but I remember that date..

Around the time you would have been born I saw a baby about your age and felt a pain or regret. Over the years i’d see toddlers, school age children and so on and think “My baby would have been their age now.”

I married your dad and we had a little girl together. But she passed away,so we were left with no children here on earth.. .

Now when people talk about abortion like it’s no big deal I cringe and think about you…