my 3 angels

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Hannah
Birth Date: 05/2010
Abortion Date: 11/2009

i had 2 kids already and was young. i was 21. theyre father left me and i was trying to get him back by still sleeping with him. well i ended up pregnant and i was so happy. i use to talk to my baby and had his/her future planned. i was living with my grandparents and my x told me that he loved me and wanted our family back but there was no way we could afford another baby. i slowly became depressed and cried nonstop. i even went to one abortion clinic and cried on the table during my exam, i left that day but was still extremely depressed. with him constantly in my ear and my grandparents in my ear, i ended up getting the abortion. i couldn’t deal with it. i cried and cried. i even tried reaching out to my mother because i thought i was going to kill myself. after it was done my x was nowhere around and even called me and laughed at me with his new girlfriend. i eventually got over the depression but i really was crazy for a long time. i wrote poems to my baby and picked out her name, i even talked to her and cried to her. i never found out the sex, but i always thought it was a girl. her name was going to be Hannah. i never got over me killing my own baby. if i were stronger i would have told my x to go somewhere. but i cant blame anyone but myself, i murdered my baby. i signed a paper and handed people money to kill my baby. i don’t think i can ever forgive myself