A Million Tears

Author: Anonymous
Abortion Date: September 1978

I was young, stupid and so very blind as to the extent of my actions. SO many things were not known in the 70’s…it was not against the law, it was just a “bunch” of cells..not a baby. I was so ashamed of what my family would think and how it would affect my life. My heartless action killed an innocent child. I never knew the gentle smile, the color of the eyes, the soft giggle of a tiny baby. I have asked forgiveness from God and I have cried a million tears. I never knew you, my child, but I ask your forgiveness. Not a day goes by that I do not have a thought of you. When a parent loses a living child, they have a grave to visit, somewhere to place flowers, pictures…a piece of a memory. I have nothing…except the guilt and the shame. It is my burden and I carry it every second of every day. I will hold you when I reach Heaven….my heart will then be whole again.