Abortion Fallout

Author: Tortured Mary

There are NO excuses for my poor choices all in the name of seeking love. I am doomed to the bowels of hell for my actions and rightly so. I don’t know how to impact young girls today to prevent them from making my same mistakes.
My first abortion resulting when it wasn’t even legal in the state of NY, however I was provided airfare, and a free abortion in a medical setting in NYC. Muncie Medical Center- we were herded in and herded out. I was so young, fresh off the farm. At the airport a man saying he was a doctor molested me, touching my breasts out in the open. You see being one of 13 children NEVER ever going to the doctor, we were trained to THINK DOCTORS WERE GODS. I have been scared for life, not only the harsh words from the “father” saying “oh I have another dead one” but also this airport experience.
I only wish that was the one and only abortion experience BUT IT WAS NOT. I subsequently had two (2) more- I live daily with these innocent babies spirits haunting me and have NEVER had a satisfactory “relationship” with a man all the days of my life.
Even dabbling in an “alternative” lifestyle……….. I am lost and only upon my death will I be found………..Amen