I Was Afraid (video)

Author: Abby

I was afraid of losing the things that I had built for myself. And I was afraid of the truth. I was afraid of being found out for somebody i was not. So If i were to be honest and keep the child then that would be totally broke. I just pulled out the phone and typed in “planned parenthood’ and found the one closest to us and gave them a call. They said come on in and that I didn’t need an appointment that they would help me whenever I got there.

It’s just really sad to know that what I had done when I chose to abort was to listen to the fear that was brewing inside of me and I didn’t think about the fact that that little fetus was not just a clump of cells. We all started at that same point but we are here to talk about it.

I’ve been able to come a long way since I had the abortion. I guess the biggest way it affects me today is that I would do it so differently if I got to do it all over again. It gives me a greater appreciation for life itself and a greater understanding about the injustice kids suffer, literally, before they are born.