Author: Anonymous

When my sister was 17 she became pregnant through a bad experience and totally unaware . I was the first one to learn of her pregnancy and I consoled her and told her I would help her in any way she needed. I was only 19 at the time but I would have done anything in the world to help my neice have a life. My sister asked me to go to planned parenthood with her which I agreed they gave her a test for pregnancy that was positive. We both cried and I begged her not to kill the innocent little baby. I even offered to adopt the baby. She went through with the abortion and didn’t speak of it for very long time in fact she hasn’t mentioned her to me ever since 13 years aog. I pray all the time and wonder about my beautiful neice. I miss her and wish she was here with us. She has a 5 year old sister and 2 cousins that love her too. Abortion doesn’t just affect the parents it affects everyone. God bless you little angel I will see u in Heaven one day!