Baby Ally

Author: Jeanne
Baby Name: Ally

‘I should have….” begins my every day. I should have never listened to the Dr who told me my pregnancy might cost my life or the husband I had at the time that told me in no uncertain terms he did not want you. I should have run out of that clinic the way my heart told me to. I should have trusted in my Lord that He would take care of both of us. Your death because of my decisions happened over 20 years ago and my heart still (and always will) have a void space in it. You were only 6 weeks in womb, but I knew you were a girl and I secretly named you and still whisper it to the night. Forgiveness of my cowardice and selfishness is a constant work in progress. I await the day I can hold you and tell you how deeply sorrowful I am. Knowing that God has you in His loving arms brings comfort. Until we meet again, please forgive me.