Baby Casey

Author: Laurie
Baby Name: Casey
Birth Date: 1989

If I would have been the person I am today, when you were conceived, you would have celebrated your 24th birthday this year. You would have been welcomed home by a big brother (26) and sister (28).

I think of you often, and i always believed you would have been a boy. I would have named you Casey. Your Father was in the Army and after your big brother was born, we scheduled me for a tubaligation. The Army healthcare system is very slow moving. Your father and I were having problems also.

When we found out I was pregnant, we were shocked. I was young (23) selfish, and stupid and chose to end your life. I regret it every day. I pray God forgives me. I got a divorce shortly after and raised your brother and sister alone. I could never tell them about you. I was too ashamed.

We, as a family, do not believe in abortion. And believe life begins at conception. Believing that, I know you are an angel in heaven looking down on us.

I’m so sorry baby Casey.