My Baby Girl

Author: Michelle
Baby Name: Imogen
Birth Date: September 2014
Abortion Date: March 2014

You’re always going to be my sweet baby girl. Always. I remember when I found out I was pregnant, I was already 8 weeks, I had just turned 17, and I wasn’t with your daddy anymore. I told your daddy and he told me right away he didn’t want you. Still, I loved you more than I’ve ever loved anyone else in those two months we spent together. I could feel you inside of me, and I knew I loved you. I remember when the doctors would put your picture up on the screen, and I remember the day I found out you were a little girl (although I swear I always knew). I dreamt about you all the time, I remember the last dream I had while we were together was at the beach. You had sunkissed tan skin, and light blonde curly hair, and you were so cute, we walked along the beach together and picked up shells.

Your daddy wasn’t very nice, but I still loved him, and I made the mistake of listening to him when he told me to kill you. I knew it was a bad decision for both of us, but I let the love I had for him blind me from the love I should have had for you.

Daddy isn’t around anymore, he’s not a good man, but mommy STILL loves you. Mommy will ALWAYS love you. Mommy can’t wait to get a tattoo with the letter I on it and angel wings, just for you.

Love you forever and always xx

R.I.P My Precious baby girl