My baby girl, Jolene

Author: Jasmine
Baby Name: Jolene Rachel
Birth Date: November 2014
Abortion Date: April 2014

I met your father in college in chess club. I was 18, and he was 20 at that time. We would talk and joke around a little bit but things didn’t get serious until one and a half years later. I was 19, he was 21. He picked me up at my house for a party at a mutual friend’s house. We became friends with benefits and from that I grew close to him. With our noonday rendezvouses in between classes or early morning quickies before school. We went on dates to the movies, lunch, the art museum, everywhere. And when we started dating we were inseparable. Your father is so sweet and kind-hearted and gentle. So I had just turned 20, and he was still 21, we were in love. We had talked about what would happen if I had gotten pregnant. So I knew once those two pink lines showed up that we would be losing our baby girl. We love you, to this day, we love you. I personally would give anything to see you grow up, I want to hold you, and feel your tiny hands. I’m so sorry. But I still love you. We would have given you so much love. And we are going to celebrate every November 26 as your own little birthday party I promise because we care about you.