Baby Leah

Author: Jen
Baby Name: Leah Marie
Abortion Date: April 9 2000

When I was 16, I was several years into an abusive relationship with a friend’s dad. When I told him I was pregnant, he was all business about it. I would get an abortion. No questions, no debate, no choice. He made that clear. He could not take me to a normal clinic because I was underage. I don’t know how he found the “doctor” he took me to, but he was the kind who would do anything for cash and promptly “forget” it once he was done. I sat in the “waiting room” with a guy who looked like he had been cut up and a very young girl and the man she called daddy. The procedure was painful, and different from the literature we have looked at put out by “legitimate clinics”. Of course the result was the same. My baby was murdered. I bled for several days afterwards, and was sick for quite awhile. I didn’t see Leah’s father again after that. And the next time I got pregnant, my precious little boy Brendan was stillborn. I was told it was due to damage done by the butcher who had claimed to be a doctor.

I believed he would kill me. I believed I would be the one in trouble. I believed the lies. it cost me the lives of 2 babies, and the hope of any in the future. I wish I had known then that I could have gone to the police. That there were places I could be kept safe. That he was the one who would get in trouble. But I didn’t know.