Baby lentil bean

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: December 25, 2023
Abortion Date: May 2023

Hello baby. You were only the size of a lentil bean, but I’m pretty sure you were a girl and that you were going to be just as fiery and stubborn as your mom and dad. It’s mother’s day today and I’m just sorry :(. Your dad and I just couldn’t do it and I’m sorry. I wanted more for you; I didn’t want you to struggle and go through life feeling like a burden like I have. I will think of you for the rest of my life and live my life better for you every day. I hope you are in heaven and I hope I get to see you one day. I’m just so sorry my little angel baby. I will mourn you as you should be mourned. I want to live my life following God better than I have been. I will always keep and cherish the little picture of you that I got from the ultrasound before I did what I did. I want to say I love you, but how can I say that after doing what I did. Your dad loved you just as much, but he just wasn’t ready. I do and will always love you my little lentil bean.