Baby Maggie

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Maggie

To my sweet baby Maggie. I think you would have been a girl. i wanted you so much. I love your father, he is my true love and to have you be our child was amazing. Our lives are complicated. We are both with other people, but finances keep us from being together right now. Your father felt we couldn’t afford to give you a proper life. I couldn’t afford work and daycare. we tried but we just couldn’t find a way to make it work. Your father is much older than i am and he didn’t want to think about him dying and leaving me with a small child to take care of alone. I didn’t care. i was willing to jump through all the hoops but we just couldn’t make it work. I choose to name you, I wanted you to not be forgotten, i wanted you to have a name and exist and not be just something we got rid of. I think about not being able to hold you, about watching you grow, who you would have looked like. But i know you are beautiful and safe with God and please know you are loved. i will love you every min of everyday. I will celebrate your due date as your birthday. you will never be forgotten. this decision has ripped my heart out because I dreamed about you for so long. I love you Maggie- my beautiful baby girl and i will be with you again someday.