My Beloved Aborted Sibling

Author: Britany

My name is Brittany. I am 21 years old and found out not long ago that my mother was raped when she was 18 years old. She was confused and scared so she had an abortion. She had such horrific nightmares and such sorrow and pain from it, that later in her life, when she unexpectedly became pregnant with me, she kept me. She was unemployed and single, yet she knew she could never go through another abortion. She worked hard to raise me, but we are both so glad she chose life!
When I was little I used to frequently ask my mom for a sibling. I felt an empty spot in my young life. Apparently there are other siblings of aborted children who feel the same way. My heart breaks for all the things my sibling could’ve been. God is healing me and I know one day I’ll get to meet my sibling in heaven. Please don’t rob someone of life. It’s not their fault. My mom has had serious trauma from aborting my sibling conceived in rape. God has a plan for everyone. God bless.