Our Biggest Mistake

Author: June
Abortion Date: 1976

When I was young I was focused on my own life and where it was going. My husband, John, and I conceived you before we were married. I went to a clinic for a prenatal checkup. I didn’t know it was an abortion clinic. It was a reputable Ob-Gyn clinic in West Palm Beach.

I don’t remember the details, but I know I was encouraged to get an abortion since I was not sure if I was ready to have children. I followed “professional advice” and proceeded to take your life away. I knew you were a child. I cannot blame anyone else. I was selfish. John didn’t know what to do either. He drove me to the clinic. The procedure hurt. I cried after. But I pushed it to the back of my young selfish mind until John and I married and decided to have a family.

I cried when I saw my first daughter because I remembered you. I am so sorry. John and I have 3 beautiful children on earth plus you in heaven with Jesus. I am looking forward to hugging you one day, and I know you will forgive me. But I still cry and the pain of my action never leaves.

Your father won’t talk about you. I think he hurts too, but his way to handle it is to never talk about it. One day we will have a big family hug in heaven!

I love you.