Biggest Regret

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: God gave you one
Abortion Date: 2005

You would be 14 now if I hadn’t murdered you. I convinced myself I was doing you a favor. It was a lie. I thought you were a mass of cells and that was not true. God gave you life and I murdered you. I know you are with Him and doing okay, but I wish I could meet you and say, I’m sorry for not loving you as you deserved love. Thank God you are loved by the most high above. If I could get a message to you it would say that my biggest regret is walking into those doors that day. I wish I could go back because I know I would have loved you! I would have held you, fed you, comforted you and hugged you. I cry sometimes about what I have done. I can’t wait to meet you when this life is done. Love mommy. Please forgive me.