Butterfly Wings

Author: Bree
Baby Name: Evelyn Anne
Birth Date: January 2000
Abortion Date: August 1999

Butterfly wings

You were not unknown to me
I gave you a name.
No fault of your own,
But with everything to gain.
I didn’t ignore you, I knew who you were;
But my fear knew me better and gripped me thus harsh.
The sun warmed my skin,
the tears stung my face,
And your butterfly movements were the strongest embrace.
You told me how much you wanted to live;
You showed me how much you had left to give.
But I heard my fear and heard my shame;
Knowing my life would never be the same.
Still you embraced me with your butterfly wings
Wrapped tight around me and encouraged me to sing.
I didn’t believe you ’cause “Mommy knows best.”
I didn’t believe you with a heart heavy chest.
So my shame took you from me without the slightest trace.
But to me you will always be my “Saving Grace.”

I will never forget the summer we had;
I will never forget that what I did was so bad.
But I also will never forget that our God is so good;
He builds us up slowly and releases our hood.
The shame we no longer bear by ourselves;
For He takes it up and unto himself.
The sunlight it warms us; it strengthens our wings,
For we have been freed and now know the promise of spring.