Caroline and Madeline, a niece and a daughter

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Caroline
Birth Date: 1991
Abortion Date: December

You are my babies in Heaven.
Your faces Is see in the clouds.
Two little girls with dark hair and curls,
I wonder; do you know who I am?

My sweet Caroline, I’m so sorry.
My silence was deadly to you.
Self-centered an weak would describe me back then.
No doubt, my life’s greatest regret !

Did you run to Madie when she got to Heaven?
I bet you showed her around.
Did she hug you and say, “my mom’s sorry” ?
Did you smile and say, “it’s okay” ?

Madeline, I’ve always wondered why you left us as you did.
You were a precious surprise that was gone in the blink of an eye.
Did you take my heart’s message to Heaven ?
Did you open a wound meant to mend ?

Dear baby girls, please promise, you will greet me when I arrive.
After I tell you “I love you” and hold you close in my arms,
take me to Jesus, I know He forgives me.
He will dry all these tears from my eyes !!