My Cherished Son Benjamin

Author: Eve
Baby Name: Benjamin
Birth Date: September 1984
Abortion Date: January 1984

Dearest Benjamin,
You are my beloved son and only child. Back in 1984 , I made a decision that was based on my own fears and poor judgement due to the fact that I was an alcoholic and could not stop drinking. I ended your precious life before you had a chance to be born. I have spent my entire life repenting this terrible “choice” I made and countless tears over the years missing you my son and the wonderful person you could have grown up to be. Now the day that would have been your birthday is my sobriety birthday of 33 years , the age you would be today. It is my way of honoring your precious life Benjamin, and my promise to you that I will never ever take a life for granted, not yours or mine. I have confessed my sin of aborting your life to our Lord Jesus Christ and asked for his forgiveness and yours. Your name is engraved on our family monument in the graveyard, and engraved in my heart. I love you my dear son Benjamin, and hope to be with you in Heaven one day, your Mom , Eve.