To My Children In Heaven

Author: Starr

My name is Starr Rogers and I want to tell you my story of God’s Grace
and forgiveness.

At age 16, I was married. A few years later I became involved with a
married man. We had an affair that produced a daughter, which I passed
off as my husband’s child. Our affair lasted 10 years, before my first
marriage dissolved and I married this man. During those 10 years I had
become pregnant four other times and all four times I aborted them.

It wasn’t long after we married that I became pregnant for the sixth
time. Like the others, he pitched a fit and demanded of me that I get
rid of this pregnancy too. So, I traveled to Atlanta. I was in my
third trimester and Alabama wouldn’t allow an abortion that far along.

I entered the Atlanta abortion clinic. When you go into to these
places, all they want to do is get you in and get your money. They
sent me in to talk to this lady, and she was supposed to do all of
this stuff. However when I met with her, it was the strangest thing.
She told me all the things that they would do with my baby. She even
showed me where they put the babies after they were aborted. She told
me, “don’t do this!” She said, “go back to Alabama and have my baby.”
That’s what I did. I had a son.

Eventually I knew something was wrong with me. I couldn’t be at peace.
There was a constant churning inside of me all the time. I had so much
rage that I just wanted to kill everybody. The anger, the rage, and my
broken heart were unbearable. Trying to numb my anger and pain, I kept
having other extramarital affairs, but I found no satisfaction in a
man. I planned my suicide. I wrote letters to each one of my children
about how sorry I was for committing suicide and that I loved them,
but I just couldn’t take the
pain anymore.

But God had a different plan! One day at the library I picked up a
free, local Christian magazine. I ran across this article asking, “Do
you need healing from your abortions?” There was a telephone number
listed, and though I struggled, I called the number.

I am healed and able to forgive myself for murdering my children. I
came to know our sweet, precious Savior and learned how amazing it is
that He shed His blood for us. He, alone, can take you in His arms and
wipe all the stains away. I have appeared as a guest on Club 36
through Watchmen Broadcasting, the Bob Enyart Show, Life Matters TV,
American Family Radio Show, the Gary Exelby Life Radio Show and the 40
Days for Life Rally. I want to help other women going through
post-abortion like I was.

Starr Rogers
[email protected]

P.O. Box 365

Millbrook, AL 36054