I choose the name Isabella, (beautiful, God is my oath).

Author: Connie
Baby Name: Isabella
Birth Date: June, 1980

I choose the name Isabella. I call her Bella for short. For several years I told my friends if I had another child, I would name her Isabella, not even considering my daughter in heaven. Now I know there was a reason for that. Isabella means beautiful. Every life is beautiful, even the ones that are not wanted.

Dear Bella,
I am sorry I stole your light, your precious life in this world. You are with God who knows and values your worth. You would be 32 now. Born the same month as your brother and sister. What would you have been? Tall, blond and beautiful like your sister or creative and deep hearted like your brother? I can only imagine. I’m sorry I stole you from them. I have planted a yellow rose bush in memory of you. I will smile when I look at its beauty, because I am waiting to be united someday in heaven. You see, I belong to the Lord also. I love you so much and miss you deeply.
Love momma