Christopher Leo, Our Son

Author: Maria
Baby Name: Christopher Leo
Birth Date: March 5th, 2017
Abortion Date: July 20th, 2016

We didn’t have the money, we were living apart, neither of us had reliable jobs, and I had medical issues that would’ve threatened us both during pregnancy. We did this out of love. But that doesn’t heal the deep wound we now carry inside. I ask myself daily the usual “what-if” questions. The “I should have” statements are like a broken record in my mind. Daily, I sob thinking of you. I wonder to myself if we should’ve just risked it all and made it work out. But a part of us knows it was for you. So you wouldn’t live between two houses. Have a struggling mom and dad. Feel like it was your fault that we struggle and on and on it goes. We believe and hope that one day we will see you again. That your soul will live on in our next child, whenever we are able to provide for it what it deserves. We love you. We think about you everyday. You are in our hearts.