Too close

Author: Kerry
Baby Name: Nicholas
Birth Date: March 1994
Abortion Date: 1993

My choice was made of fear and ignorance when I ended your life. I thought I could just get back to normal and move on and I did for years. Now with my two live children here I realize my loss and yours. I regret the choice I made back then and not having faced my fears, what others would think and say, what might have been.

I can never get you back, never hold you, teach you or see hou grow up. I realize my choice was s selfish one and would u do it all if I could. I really feel PP put themselves there to prey on me and others making poor decisions…their “counseling” was a joke and they did not show me the sonogram…I still severely regret not asking to see. They did not care about you or me, our future, did not share the physical and emotional trauma that comes later…much later. Ending your life was NOT the right choice! I pray for you and others like us. I will see you one day with our Forgiver,Healer,Restorer, our God and King.