I cried and cried and cried

Author: Anonymous

She was in my class at college. Happily married to a man in the military, I’d been to their apartment to study a few times. She told me she was pregnant. I congratulated her. She seemed a little anxious, because they weren’t planning on having a baby at the time, but she said she knew that God would provide.

Weeks later? She was driving me home. I think I asked her about her baby. She said she had an abortion. She said her dad convinced her to do it, and she used to think it was up to the woman to choose but now she felt that she could never ever support abortion again, having gone through it herself. I wish I could remember her exact words. I felt like my heart was being ground into the floor. Her husband was deployed and he didn’t even know she was pregnant. Once I got home I went up to my room and I cried and I cried and I cried, like my heart was coming up my esophagus. I don’t know if she ever told him. They divorced a few years later.

A friend of mine who I called my daughter, just for fun, had had an abortion before. But this time, I heard, she was going to keep it. She moved back home, left school. Found out she was having twins. Killed them. Now she is dating a girl.

I was angry, but not really at her. I was angry at sin and death and the horrible men who had lied to her and, true, a little bit angry with her. Did she know that other people cared about her children? Did she know that it broke our hearts to lose them, too? I was stunned again to my core by the violence.

I am so sorry, my friends, that you were so terribly lied to. I am so sorry you lost your babies. I know they love you and forgive you and pray for you every moment. Before you now there is life and there is death. Please, choose life!