Crystal Nicole Sheridan

Author: Renee
Baby Name: Crystal Nicole Sheridan
Birth Date: 1975
Abortion Date: 1975

Baby Girl,
Mommy misses you everyday! You are so loved and I cannot wait to het to heaven to meet you. I am so sorry that you never got a chance to know me, your dad, your grandmother and the rest of your family!! Honey there was/is so much disease and death in our family that I thought I was sparing you the suffering of it all. I thought at the age of 17 and the advice of Planned Parenthood that this was the best thing for YOU!! How wrong we all were!! I know now that you suffered that day more than I can imagine:( That breaks my heart more than anything. Everyone is with you in heaven and I know they are loving you now. I was right that the disease would wipe out everyone but little did I know that I wouldn’t get the gene and therefore would not have passed it on to you:) If I had only listened to you as you moved in me we would be together right now probably with your babies!! Instead I am 57 and all alone. My parents, brothers, your daddy all gone! So I try to give my enormous love I hold in my heart for you to all the other little girls I meet and pray that in someway I am making up in some small way for what you missed out on. If I didn’t believe that Jesus had you now and that my family and your daddy was holding and loving you until I got there I couldn’t bear it. I love you little one. I miss your little hands, toes, and your angel eyes! Until we meet again you have all my heart. Love mom