To my darling daughter

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Cassandra Leigh
Abortion Date: 1991

I pray and wish that I could go back and make the choice again only speak up this time. I am so sorry I didn’t have a voice. After the rape I was overwhelmed and blamed myself so much. When I went for the check up after I was bleeding I really didn’t know what to do and I was at a loss when my dad said he had made the choice not to assist me if I had you. My darling Cassie – I am sure I wouldn’t have been a great mom but I wish I would have given it a chance. I was only 16 but I’m sure someone would have assisted me if not my parents or the father. I had no courage, I regret the decision every day. I never got to hold you but I feel you, I never heard you speak but I can hear you. I love you and hope that you are in heaven and don’t resent me for my choice or lack of courage. Someday I pray we are reunited in heaven and can be with one another finally.