My Darling Grandchild

Author: Anonymous

My Darling Grandson/daughter, I am so sorry that this happened to you, PLEASE FORGIVE ME. I love you so very much, and would give anything to have you back. My Darling daughter made a mistake by having unprotected sex, before she was married, and you came along.
I was very religious at the time, and she thought she could not tell me about you, and she and your dad made another mistake by assuming I would have a fit, I suppose. And I know that I would not have approved, but at the same time, i would not have agreed to an abortion, that is for sure. I do not condemn my daughter for her decision , and I know that God has forgiven all that were involved, but that does not bring you back to your moms loving arms. She has another child now, a bouncing baby boy, that she adores, just like she would have done for you. I love you, and my only consolation is that I will see you on the other side. I know that Jesus is taking good care of you. Bye for now, sweet baby.