Dear Granddaughter

Author: Rhonda
Baby Name: Rebecka
Birth Date: December 2008
Abortion Date: March 2008

It was 2008 and my twin daughters both called me and said they were both pregnant. Both were unmarried. Both were expecting little girls. But….the youngest twin decided to abort her baby after breaking up with her boyfriend. I know it was a granddaughter because she came to me after her abortion and said her name, “Rebecka.” Her mom and my daughter was going to give her that name if she were a girl. Now, when I look at the other twins little girl, I think of Rebecka. They were only a week apart in gestation. I love you Rebecka. I know she is in Heaven with my first child, Heather. I miscarried her half way through my pregnancy. I know her mom regrets this mistake because she cried when she saw me after her abortion. I know she will see her daughter someday in Heaven. I KNOW this. God bless them all. But, not only did she take my granddaughter from me but she took her cousin away from my other twin’s daughter and a niece as well. Unfortunately, her twin paid for the abortion. I am hurt by this but it is something they did and I have forgiven them. But, I love Rebecka and am so sorry she endured such a thing that is called “abortion.” The baby does feel it.