Dear Riley

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Riley
Birth Date: October 2012
Abortion Date: March 2012

Your dad and I met three years ago. I found him when I wasn’t even looking. We fell deeply in love very quickly. Five months later we found out about you. We made a choice that we both regretted Immediately. We were both still at university, with strict families, and we felt like there was no other choice. Nothing I say could ever justify what we did and If I could, I’d change everything. Saying sorry seems inadequate, but I am, so so sorry. I pray that you’ll forgive me cause I can’t seem to forgive myself. Even though I’ve never met you, I love you more than anyone else on this planet. Not a day goes by that mommy doesn’t think about you. Nothing’s been the same since. We lost each other when we lost you. We’re struggling to hold on. The only thought that keeps mommy going is you. I constantly daydream about you. I wonder about your smile, your laugh or your little hands. I’d do anything to have you with me. I can’t wait to meet you someday. I hope you’ll come and visit me in my dreams soon. Mommy loves you more than words could ever say. For as long as I live, and even after that. You’ll always be a part of me.