Dearest Gabby

Author: Valerie
Baby Name: Gabrielle
Birth Date: February 1987
Abortion Date: May 1986

Sweet Gabby,

Next month you would’ve been 28 years old. I think of you so often and have your name tattooed on my wrist in Hebrew. I never wanted to abort you. But, you know my story and I am confident that you have forgiven me. It took me a long time though to forgive myself and accept forgiveness from God. I now know that I will see you one day and that you are not alone because your Pawpaw went to be with Jesus 2 years ago and I feel he met you on his arrival in heaven. When it comes time for me to leave this earth I pray I will see 3 people. Jesus, My Daddy and you. I have loved you for nearly 28 years and until the day comes that I will be with you, I’ll keep loving you here and I have blessed assurance that you know every tear that has been shed for the enormous loss I have endured without you here.

I love you sweet girl.