Author: Geri
Baby Name: Diaspora
Birth Date: October 1977
Abortion Date: april 1977

16 weeks along in 1977 the Dr reluctantly gave me (19 and unmarried) a number for Bill Baird clinic. Deeply conflicted I searched the library for photos of gestation so I could know what I was doing but I found none and was too ashamed to ask.
I dreamt of you the night before our appointment. You were smiling up at me. Your hair was unkempt and your name was Diaspora. In the morning I ran to look up the unfamiliar word in the dictionary. “Dispersion (of the jews)”. So strange.
They injected needles filled with saline solution and you jumped. It hurt so bad. The dr. seemed upset. In pain, I cried. I realized you didn’t want to die. Yet I had you killed.
But I want you to know the terrible guilt I carried brought me to Christ. 10 years later after marrying and giving birth to your brother I fell to my knees at the cross and all I could think of was you. God forgave me and came into my heart that day. I know I will see you one day. I’m so sorry that I foolishly took your life because being pregnant was inconvenient for me. You have met your two brothers by now. At 22 and 16 they drown together in 2009. I’m so happy you are all together. I will see you soon.