empty arms/ broken heart

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: none
Birth Date: May, 1988
Abortion Date: 1987

Our daughter was rebellious and a handful. I tried to get help for her, but was told over and again she was just a normal teen. NO, she wasn’t. No one would listen. She took a bottle of aspirin twice, Then she took a full bottle of prescription medicine and had to be taken to the hospital where they made her drink charcoal to throw up. After that she wanted to go live with a friend in another town and the doctors told us we had to let her. She came home, then went to a girl’s ranch. Got kicked out of there for going to school, leaving, then returning drunk. Then she came home, and dated a boy we were doing our best to keep her from. Got pregnant and I paid for an abortion. This has haunted me for over 27 years. God has forgiven me, but I hurt all the time. I am a Chrisitian and she was raised in church, but I fell for the fetus story and convinced myself it was necessary. She went on to marry the boy, they had twins who are 24, and another son who is 19. He was extremely abusive and we lived in fear he would kill her. They finally divorced, she married again, divorced, drank too much, got on drugs, we ended up with the twins when they were in high school, the youngest lives with his dad. She finally got sober 3 years ago and now has just fought cervical cancer and we think she has won. She is just so lost and I feel the abortion has contributed to this. I wish I could go back and undo what we did. Very few people know about this and I have never been able to share this with any pastor and just a few very close friends and my one sister. I will regret this for the rest of my life. I pray others never, ever do this.