To my everything lost…my baby Madison

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Madison
Birth Date: October 2012
Abortion Date: March 2012


What I would give to look into your eyes just once, to hold you and tell you how much daddy loves you. My angel, I’m not perfect. I’m done so much wrong and I’ve hurt the people I love the most. Mommy and I aren’t doing so well because daddy always messes up. I need you to pray for daddy because he wants to make things right. More than anything I wish you were here with daddy and mommy together as a family. We were so young and we thought we were doing the right thing. But from the moment you left us it tore mommy and I apart.

I didn’t know how to handle it. I thought that if I could forget about you that the pain would go away, but that is so selfish. I swear to you my baba I will never do that to you again! I will never forget you and I will think about you every day for as long as I live. Daddy can’t forgive himself for hurting you like that. I hope that you’re up there and you can know that I’m so so so sorry Madison. I hope you can forgive daddy.

You know, daddy’s best friend Uncle Bob had a baby recently, her name is Susan. You would have been just about a year old when she was born. For the first few months I couldn’t bring myself to spend a lot of time with her. All I could think about was you. Even now, every time I hold her and I look into her eyes, all I see is you Madison. You are and always will be my whole world.

I love you with all that I am. And all that I will become.

I will always be your daddy and you’ll always be daddy’s little girl…