I feel you with me. I miss you. I’m sorry.

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Eve
Birth Date: Aug 2013
Abortion Date: Jan 2013

Sweet baby, we were afraid. We reasoned you away. Not enough money. Not enough patience. Not enough time. You were “just a few cells.” We’d planned our two children and you were unexpected. We acted too rashly, and I’m sorry. I wish your daddy would open his heart and let go of his fear to welcome you back to us. I pray for a miracle all the time. I picture your big sister and brother playing with you. I don’t know where you would fit, but I’m sorry we didn’t give you a chance.

For any others reading this, there is no way to turn back time. You can’t undo an accidental pregnancy. You just go from a pregnant woman to a woman who chose to terminate. It doesn’t mean it never happened. Life goes on, but you will always remember. If you have any doubt, don’t do it. Just listen to yourself 100%.