My first grandson was murdered at 26 weeks gestation

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Brody
Birth Date: March 2013
Abortion Date: November 2012

My beautiful grandson was aborted at 26 weeks gestation by a very selfish broken girl. Having a boyfriend was more important than a child’s life to her. She already had 2 very young beautiful sons that her parents pretty much raised for her.

She was offered several options for adoption, was told she could see him anytime she chose to & yet at 26 weeks gestation she chose to kill him when he could have survived if she just allowed him to live. She lied & said she lost the baby – three weeks ago she came clean & said she aborted him. The fact she killed him didn’t seem to matter to her, just that she wasn’t sedated enough & she felt him moving up to moments before he was delivered when he finally died. She had to go through labor & delivery anyway – why did she have to kill him?

I will never understand how any doctor could participate in destroying life & creating more brokenness in already broken girls. My grandson was thrown away as medical waste & my heart is forever broken because of that. I hope every day for the rest of her life she remembers him & someday regrets taking his life. Broken people break people & there is really something wrong when it is ok with anyone to kill a child that could survive outside of its mom.