For My baby

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Gianna Rebecca
Birth Date: Dec 1998
Abortion Date: May 1998

Today I named you Gianna Rebecca, I always thought you were a girl. I was so young and did not have the right guidance. You would have been 18 years old this year. I think of you often and after speaking with the priest today I think I am on a new road of healing. I am sorry for being so selfish, and from now on I will pay tribute to you, create a memorial for you and pray to you for your intercession. I can’t wait to meet you the day I come home. Please forgive me, I’ve asked you before for your forgiveness, but I ask you again because the guilt is becoming greater the older I get. I made the decision to take your life. you were maybe 5 or 6 weeks or maybe older I just don’t know. I was in an absolutely horrible place emotionally and mentally. I could not bring you into this world. here I am almost 20 years later and will probably never give birth at this point, ever. But I could have been a mommy. I want to say I was a mommy but Lord I don’t deserve to call myself a mommy…only your mercy can help me bear my burden…oh God, oh Gianna please forgive me and have mercy on my soul…God I know you are taking care of my precious baby…and I know Gianna that you are in a better place…the BEST place. I love you forever. God bless you my little girl.