Forever I will carry your image in my heart

Author: My precious angel
Abortion Date: October 13 2015

Everyday I see your image, you were just 8 weeks in my womb.i go to sleep and I wake up with that image everywhere waking second day. I vision what you would look like, your smile, holding you, I wonder what your cry would sound like and when the sun is beaming and the wins is blowing I picture you running in the grass laughing smiling calling my name. It was a scary day that day all.those woman before me in a dark a place that resembles or.felt like prison. I can’t imagine how much pain you must have felt I don’t even have a right to compare that. You were an innocent human being and I selfishly took your life everyday I try to find a reason why I made such a decision and the truth is their is no valid or.justifiable reason. I know we never met love you and I’ll.wait until the day I can meet you and tell you how sorry I am.

Until we meet