Forgiveness & Love

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Angel
Birth Date: Feb 12
Abortion Date: August 11

Although I do not punish myself for doing something in the faith that it was helping my future, and it would be wrong to have a child and be a child without securing the babies future, I still look at the daughter I have today and wonder what could have been, what should have been. I’m happy to be with my fiancé and I know my daughter I have may not have been here, but that doesn’t make your life any less important. I’ve tried to figure out if I’m “allowed” to mourn the death of you due to societies outlook and harsh attacks on those who have aborted. I assume that’s the guilt I have felt since it happened. Whatever age you are, where you are, in heaven with our father watching over you… I want you to know the love is always here in my heart for you, I live with regret and will always miss you, I wish to hold you some nights and I cry into the darkness when I feel like a murderer. I am not a murderer, I am a person who was in a bad situation that tried to make a good decision and had to deal with the consequences regardless. Your sister is doing well and when someone I love dies I hope they come to watch over you up there. I love you. I’ll see you one day my loves.