Your are my ghost, gone but not forgotten

Author: Jasmine
Baby Name: unknown
Birth Date: 3/14/2013
Abortion Date: 7/31/2012

March 14th-The ghost of my past, the hold on my heart.

Not many knew, not many cared. But I did. I seen a glimps of you and then your gone. I knew what my choice had to be. I paced in my mind for days, awaiting the exact time that I had to let you go. That day came with many emotions. I remember you today, & that first sight of on on that screen and those flashbacks haunt me. But I know you would be in a better place than mine. Today, I still think about you all the time. I swallow my guild & I lookup for I know you are in peace. My sorrow becomes strength, even from time to time when I cry. I’ll always love you. I wish I cold know what you’d be today. I wish I could go back. But I’ll carry on knowing that I did right & I will see you again.

– I want you to know that mommy will never forget you. And for all mommys and daddys that have experienced the same thing – You can heal. Facing what has happened is part one. The rest is up to you. I am a person that has post-traumatic flashbacks, and dealing with these flashbacks will never go away. But they do get easier. Punishing yourself over and over after the ordeal is NEVER the right thing to do. And if so you choose to look to religion for redemption, be careful to not look for empty answers. Instead, look within yourself. NO ONE has the right to abuse you of your choice for abortion. So acknowledge what has happened, let yourself feel, give yourself space, and above all remember. Remember you have the choice the prevent this again for you and any other person. Remember you are here. Its over, so replaying it like a movie won’t fulfill you. And remember you don’t have to be alone.