God told me your name

Author: My First Name
Baby Name: Erin
Birth Date: October 1981
Abortion Date: February 1981

It took me nearly 10 years to acknowledge what I had done. I cloaked your death in denial and shame, but when Julie, the PACE counselor came into my life I couldn’t hide any longer. I took your life so that my mother would never know. I took your life so I would start college on time. I ended my pregnancy, your life because I didn’t believe I could love you. I was so wrong! I do love you! I told my mother about you anyway, her judgement be damned! I never married or had more children because I knew I didn’t deserve to be a mother after terminating your life. Julie told me to ask God to forgive me and to ask Him for a name for you. He has forgiven me and I pray that you have, too. The name God gave me for you, my daughter in Heaven, is Erin, which is Gaelic for “Peace.” One day I will meet you, and I pray that I will truly find my peace, Dear Erin.