Gone but not forgotten

Author: Anonymous
Birth Date: April 2005
Abortion Date: September 2004

Fourteen years ago, I made a decision that wasn’t easy. I thought I could make a mistake go away and forget about it, but the emotional scars and guilt that decision left in its wake will forever remain. At the time, it didn’t seem real. I kept telling myself that it wasn’t happening to me, I was only 17 amd wasn’t ready for this responsibility. I kept having moments where I would change my mind, but ultimately I went through with it. I laid on the table, took the pills, accepted the reality of what was happening. Before I knew it, I was in recovery and felt empty. I felt like someone had ripped half of my heart from my chest. That day, those moments will forever be ingrained into my memory; a searing memory that hurts deeper than any physical pain that can be imagined. I dont remember the exact day, only the month and the year; September 2004. I’ve cried many tears over the years and still wonder if you were a boy or a girl. Would your eyes have been blue or brown? Would you have my love for music or would you be a talented artist? All these things, I will never know. I am so deeply sorry that I took away those possibilities. I shattered those memories I will never have. I love you, please forgive me.