Good bye my beautiful I am so so sorry

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: Kyle

I am so so sorry. Maybe I should have ran far away with you but I was frightened and I felt forced to make that decision.

I cried the whole time. I was so frightened and heart broken.I wanted you so much.

I was an irresponsible party girl that didn’t think about the consequences of my actions. I changed my life after that.That was at least one positive.

But I think of you every day I am convinced you are a boy. A beautiful boy you would have been tall.

Later in life I married and told I could not have children.
People ask why I left it so late and I genuinely think it is because I punish myself .

I should never had let you go. Every time I discuss babies I end up a gibbering wreck and I think it is because I still grieve over you.
My tummy was never the same , I so missed you being there it was genuinely the best feeling in the world.

Maybe I should give you a name. I liked the name Kyle.
So Kyle I love you I know you would have been everything.

When I hear the song say something , it always makes me cry thinking of you and the fact I have never had children.

I hope one day I will meet you and I may be forgiven. I’m sorry my sweet baby xxxx