My Grandchild in Heaven

Author: Anonymous

My first grandchild was aborted. My daughter asked me to meet her for lunch the day I returned from my Father’s funeral. She asked me if I’d still love her if she had an abortion. I told her I’d raise the baby as my own. She said that it wasn’t fair to make her parents raise her child. I told her that it wasn’t fair to kill my first grandchild. I told her that I’d always love her, but I didn’t like the bad choice she was making. She was 21, and she had the abortion. My daughter’s boyfriend met me for lunch. He was an emotional wreck because this was the second time this had happened to him. His previous girlfriend aborted their baby. They broke up, and my daughter moved out of state. My girlfriend called and told my daughter the statistics about women who have abortions (alcoholism, depression, sexual promiscuity, etc.). I still grieve the loss of my precious grandchild. Each time I look at the family portrait in my living room I know that my first grandchild was still in my daughter’s womb. Now, I hold on to the truth that I will see my grandchild when I get to heaven.