I haven’t found how meaningfull is this

Author: Alexandra

My babies:
After many years… I notice how wrong was I. I aborted many times… I only wanted to “live”, to be free… Now, I’m a mother, and you have 2 wonderful brothers, I can say out loud “I WAS WRONG: TERRIBLY WRONG!” I didn’t consider you choosed me as your mother (don’t know why, when I feel I am the worst human being in this world), I didn’t realize you wanted me to give you the chance to live, to play in a park, to give me your smiles… I just got used to drop my “problems” with the coldest blood. Don’t know what was I thinking.
Today, I want to heal… I want you to forgive me… I try to convince myself it was for the best. But I still feel it wasn’t… I had never cried about this before… It was just an heroic sacrifice (what a stupid!)… Now I think there is a dark side of my heart, with wounds of your faces, your blood… wounds that aren’t scars yet… ’till you can forgive me and give light to this dark side of me…
Just, try to forgive me… and peace be with you wherever you are.