My Heart Breaks Still.

Author: Anonymous
Baby Name: ?
Birth Date: March 17, 1974
Abortion Date: July 1973

My darling child, I think about you so much. You’d be 40 yrs old now if you’d been allowed to live. It was only a few months after Roe vs Wade was passed. How I hate that ruling! My mother forced me to kill you. I was not given a choice. I have mourned you all these years. I was able to have 2 kids later in life but the pregnancies were rough and I didn’t think they would make it because of that butcher shop of horrors! I went on to have two miscarriages. I hope you and my others who didn’t make into this world are together with God and I will see you all there when I arrive. I hope till then you are being taken care of by my Grandma she ment the world to me. I love you little one. I never wanted you ripped from my body. I celebrate your birthday every St Patrick’s Day. I look forward to meeting you someday! Your loving mother